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Helping women on extended career breaks back into business

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Us and Our Founder Vanessa Gentile

We are supporting companies to equalize and support the workplace by hiring for attitude and training for skills.



Bring Women Back to Work envisions a world where diversity, inclusion, and gender equality thrive in workplaces. We aim to provide a transformative platform that facilitates the return of skilled women to the professional realm, contributing to a more balanced and innovative workforce. We also support hiring companies in equalizing their workforce by hiring for attitude and training for skills. 


The mission of Bring Women Back to Work is twofold, strategically addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by prominent reports and studies.

In response to the insights from the "Gender Gap Accelerators" report by the World Economic Forum, our initiatives actively contribute to advancing gender equality, benefiting over 728,000 women. By focusing on reskilling women for the Salesforce ecosystem and providing comprehensive support services, we aim to empower women to overcome career barriers and contribute meaningfully to the workforce.

Additionally, our efforts align with the "Reskilling Revolution" report, responding to the global call for workforce reskilling. Through customized programs, we specialize in empowering women to bridge skill gaps, ensuring relevance through collaboration with our industry partners.

Moreover, our initiatives are aligned with the findings of the Salesforce Economy study, which projects the creation of 9.3 million jobs and $1.6 trillion in new business revenues by 2026. By actively contributing to this dynamic sector, we aim to foster gender-inclusive economic empowerment, responding to both the challenges and opportunities outlined in these influential reports.


With the support of our Partners, we aim to successfully reintegrate 8,000 skilled women into the workforce across various sectors within Europe by 2027. Our goal goes beyond mere numbers; it is about providing a platform for women who have taken career breaks to re-enter the professional sphere with confidence and contribute their valuable skills and expertise. We believe in creating a workforce that is not only gender-inclusive but also innovative and diverse. Are you up for it?

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