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Privacy Notice BWBW

The association Bring Women Back to Work (hereinafter also “BWBW”, “we”, “us”) is a non-profit/non-governmental organization collaborating with a network of many SMEs and large international companies. In the course of our program activities, including the operation of our website, we may obtain and process personal data relating to the representatives of our members, program participants, visitors to our website or other persons. In this privacy notice we inform you about these data processing activities. If you provide us with data about other persons (e.g. employees), we assume and you ensure that you are authorized to do so and that these data are correct and that you have ensured that these persons have been made aware of this privacy notice beforehand. This privacy notice is based on the Swiss Data Protection Act (“DSG”).



Data protection and privacy are important to us. We process personal data exclusively for the management and administration of the BWBW Program and only such personal data that are necessary or appropriate for this purpose.

Responsible for all data processing is the association

Bring Women Back to Work (BWBW),

c/o Vanessa Gentile

Hauflandweg 3, 8605 Gutenswil 

CHE 199.679.642

Zurich, Switzerland

Design & Illustration

Delia Guerriero Creative

Purposes of data processing

When you visit our website (hereinafter “Website”), represent your organization in our association, participate in our events or otherwise interact with us, we process various categories of personal data from you. Specifically, we process the following data for the following purposes:

• Management of the association:
In the context of the management of the association, we process the data of the association members or the data of their representatives in the association (“company representatives”), but also of other third parties who contact us. This includes in particular the organization of the association’s bodies and persons carrying out tasks, their management of the association, the admission and administration of association members, the support of the members or their company representatives (e.g. answering administrative or technical inquiries) but also invoicing and accounting as well as enforcement of legal claims (collection, litigation etc.). For this purpose, we process in particular the name, contact details, information about the employer as well as the function and content of the inquiries, financial and payment information, but also other data that are made available to us. The management of the association also includes publications on activities and topics of the association; participants may be recognizable on photos of events.

• Fulfillment of the association’s purpose:
In the course of fulfilling the association’s purpose, which includes in particular the organization of events, we process the personal data of members (if they are natural persons), program participants, company representatives, speakers and other participating persons. This includes in particular the name, contact details, information about the employer and function, but also contents of lectures and discussions as well as audio and video recordings that are made during the events. These can in turn be made accessible to members and exceptionally also to third parties.

• Communication:
In order to communicate with you and with third parties via e-mail, telephone, mail or otherwise, we process in particular the contents of the communication, your contact details and the metadata of the communication. This may also include image and audio recordings of online calls and events (video/telephone/web calls).

• Initiation and conclusion of contracts:

With regard to the conclusion of a contract with you or your client or employer, we may process in particular your name, contact details, powers of attorney, declarations of consent, information about third parties (e.g. contact persons), contract contents and date of conclusion, exceptionally creditworthiness data as well as all other data that you provide us with or that we collect from third parties (e.g. references).

• Administration and processing of contracts:

We process personal data so that we can fulfill our contractual obligations towards our contractual partners (e.g. service providers, project partners) and in particular provide and demand the contractual services owed. This includes, among other things, the enforcement of contracts (collection, litigation etc.), invoicing and accounting and public communication. For this purpose, we process the data that we have received or collected in connection with the initiation and conclusion of the contract as well as data on contractual services and their provision and financial and payment information.

• Website:

In order to operate our website (including ensuring security and stability), we process technical data such as IP address, information about the operating system of your end device, about the type and version of browser used, region and time of use, name of the retrieved file, amount of data transferred and message about a successful retrieval. This information usually does not contain personal data. However, personal data that we or providers commissioned by us store from you (e.g., if you have a user account with us) can be linked to the technical data and thus possibly to your person. We only use technically necessary (so-called “essential”) cookies.

• Registration: In order to use certain offers and services such as the Members area on our website, you must register with us (directly or via our external login service providers). For this purpose, we process the data requested and provided by you in the context of the respective registration.

• Other purposes:

Processing for the purpose of safeguarding other legitimate interests is one of the other purposes that cannot be conclusively named.


Collection of data

• From you:

Many of the data processed by us are provided by you yourself (e.g. in connection with our services or communication with us or by using our website or events and we record this).

• From third parties:

We may also obtain data from publicly accessible sources (e.g. debt collection registers, media or the Internet including social media) or receive them from authorities, your employer or client, who has a business relationship with us or otherwise, as well as from other third parties (e.g. credit agencies, address dealers, contracting partners). This includes in particular the data of company representatives that we process in connection with the administration and support of our members, the fulfillment of our association’s purpose, as well as the data that we process in connection with the initiation, conclusion and processing of contracts but also data from correspondence and discussions with third parties and all other categories of data according to section 3.

Recipients of data

In connection with our contracts, website, services and products, legal obligations, safeguarding our legitimate interests and the other purposes listed in section 3, we transmit your personal data in particular to the following categories of recipients:

• Program members or company representatives:

We may disclose your personal data to our association members and program participants or their company representatives (e.g. a list of members’ company representatives with their contact details is published in the closed Members area). These process the data in principle on their own responsibility.

• Service providers:

We work with service providers in Switzerland and abroad who process data about you (i) on our behalf, (ii) jointly with us or (iii) on their own responsibility data that they have received from us (e.g. IT providers, banks, debt collection companies, credit agencies, address checkers, consulting firms or lawyers).

• Contract partners:

Contract partners are meant with whom we cooperate, especially for the purpose of organizing and conducting events. The receiving persons process the data in principle on their own responsibility.

• Authorities:

We may disclose personal data to authorities, courts and other authorities in Switzerland and abroad if we are legally obliged or entitled to do so or if this appears necessary to safeguard our interests. The receiving authorities (e.g. tax authorities) process the data in their own responsibility.

• Other persons:

This refers to other cases where the involvement of third parties arises from the purposes according to section 3. Other recipients include third parties in the context of representation relationships (e.g. your lawyer or bank) or persons involved in administrative or judicial proceedings. If we work with media and transmit this material (e.g. photos), you may also be affected. In the context of communication with other industry organizations, associations and other bodies, there may also be an exchange of data that concerns you.

All these categories of recipients can themselves involve third parties, so that your data may also become accessible to them. We can restrict processing by certain third parties (e.g. IT providers), but not by others (e.g. authorities, banks, etc.). It is also possible that we allow certain third parties to collect personal data from you at our events (e.g. photographers, catering, operators of event locations, etc.). As far as we are not significantly involved in these data collections, these third parties are solely responsible for them. For concerns and to assert your data protection rights, please contact these third parties directly.

Data transfers abroad

We process and store personal data mainly in Switzerland and in the European Economic Area (EEA), but in exceptional cases - e.g. via subcontractors of our service providers or program members - potentially in any country in the world. If a recipient is located in a country without adequate data protection, we contractually oblige them to comply with an adequate level of data protection (for this purpose we use the revised standard contractual clauses of the European Commission, which are available here:, unless they are already subject to a legally recognized set of rules to ensure data protection and we cannot rely on an exception. An exception may apply in particular in the case of legal proceedings abroad, but also in cases of overriding public interests or if a contract execution requires such disclosure, if you have consented or if it concerns data that you have made generally accessible and whose processing you have not objected to.

Retention Period

We process your data for as long as our processing purposes, legal retention periods and our legitimate interests in processing for documentation and evidentiary purposes require or storage is technically required (e.g. in the case of backups or document management systems). If there are no legal or contractual obligations to the contrary, we delete or anonymize your data after the expiration of the storage or processing period within the framework of our usual processes.

Data Subject Rights

You have certain rights in connection with our data processing. According to applicable law, you can in particular request information about the processing of your personal data, have incorrect personal data corrected, request the deletion of personal data, object to a data processing, request the disclosure of certain personal data in a common electronic format or their transfer to other controllers or revoke a consent, as far as our processing is based on your consent. If you want to exercise your rights towards us, please contact us; our contact details can be found in section 2. In order to prevent misuse, we must identify you (e.g. with a copy of your ID). Please note that there are prerequisites, exceptions or limitations for these rights (e.g. to protect third parties or trade secrets). We will inform you accordingly if necessary and reserve the right to black out copies for data protection reasons or reasons of confidentiality or to provide them only in excerpts.

Social Media

We may operate pages and other online presences on social networks and other platforms operated by third parties and process data about you in this context (e.g. collect what you write about us or publish photos of our events where members are recognizable). In doing so, we sometimes also receive data from you (e.g., when you communicate with us or comment on our content) and from the platforms (e.g., statistics). The providers of the platforms may analyze your use and process this data together with other data they have about you. They also process this data for their own purposes (e.g. marketing and market research purposes and to manage their platforms), and act for this purpose as their own controllers. For more information on the processing by the platform operators, please refer to the privacy notices of the respective platforms. We currently only use LinkedIn. We operate the page xxx on LinkedIn

The organization responsible for operating the platform for users in Europe is LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, Dublin, Ireland. Their privacy notice is available at Some of your data is transferred to the United States. You can opt out of advertising here: We are entitled, but not obliged, to review content before or after its publication on our online presences, delete content without notice and report it to the provider of the respective platform if necessary.

Changes to this Privacy Notice

This privacy notice is not part of a contract with you.

We may change this privacy notice at any time.

The version published on this website is the current version.

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