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Have you ever wondered who is behind BWBW? 

Our Founder: Vanessa Gentile

Vanessa Gentile is half Brazilian and half Italian and the mother of two sons. She grew up in the Canton of Thurgau until 21 and then moved to Zurich to pursue her career in the Tech Industry.


Vanessa speaks six languages fluently and is Head of Marketing at Salesforce in Switzerland, based in Zurich. With a deep understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior, Vanessa excels in developing and executing innovative marketing initiatives that generate brand awareness, drive customer engagement, and deliver measurable results. Vanessa's leadership style is characterized by collaboration, empowerment, and a focus on fostering a high-performing marketing team.

She is inspired by the digital world and the full potential digital transformation can achieve in the 21st Century.


Furthermore, Vanessa is the esteemed founder of the non-profit organization, Bring Women Back to Work.

Through her visionary leadership and unwavering dedication, she has successfully facilitated the re-entry of women into the workforce each year across Europe. Vanessa's organization focuses on empowering and supporting women who have taken career breaks, providing them with opportunities to regain their professional momentum and contribute their valuable skills and expertise to the workforce.

Our Core Team

Athena Blatsioti 


Workshop Coordinator

Marta Mistry 

CEE Coordinator

Tricia Hammann

DE Coordinator

Eleanna Tsertou

DE & CH Mentor Lead

Rachid Mellah


Celine Laffargue

Coaching Lead

Andrea Iodice

Trailhead Facilitator

Ralf Hoegerle

Recruiting Lead

Lia Roth

Administration DE

Aoife Hoitink

PR & Marketing Lead

Diana Garcia

Recruiting CH

Dominika Ceglecka

Recruiting DE & CEE

"Vanessa's commitment to fostering gender equality and creating pathways for women's career advancement is one of her mission."

BWBW won an Award!

Vanessa Gentile stands out as one of the three Trailblazers Winners of 2021 recognized by Salesforce for her outstanding Bring Women Back to Work program. This marks the inception of a promising NGO aimed at fostering equality in the tech industry, with a specific focus on the Salesforce Ecosystem.


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