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Why should more companies join BWBW?

The global economy


The linked report underscores the substantial impact of the Salesforce Economy, forecasting the creation of 9.3 million jobs and $1.6 trillion in new business revenues by 2026. In this economic landscape, BWBW plays a crucial role by addressing the pervasive skills gap evident across industries and the skill gap is not limited to Salesforce. It actively promotes diversity and inclusion, supports women in acquiring skills applicable across the tech sector, and contributes to sustainable economic growth. BWBWs mission aligns seamlessly with the growth trajectory outlined in the report, positioning it as a key player in ensuring inclusive and sustainable economic benefits in the evolving technology landscape.

BWBW importance is multifaceted:

Reskilling and Job Creation:

With the Salesforce Economy's expansion, there's a burgeoning demand for skilled professionals. BWBW plays a pivotal role in reskilling women, equipping them to tap into emerging job opportunities within the Salesforce ecosystem and beyond. This aligns with the projected job creation highlighted in the report.

Diversity and Inclusion:

The report emphasizes the significance of diversity in fostering innovation and economic success. #bwbw, by focusing on women who have taken career breaks, actively champions diversity and inclusion, not only within Salesforce but also within the broader industry.

Addressing the Universal Skills Gap:

Recognizing that the skills gap is a universal challenge, #bwbw extends its support beyond Salesforce, assisting women in acquiring skills that are in demand across various tech sectors. By doing so, BWBW contributes to closing the skills gap on a broader scale.

Supporting Sustainable Economic Growth:

The Salesforce Economy's success hinges on a skilled and diverse workforce. BWBW contributes to sustainable economic growth by arming women with the skills and confidence necessary to re-enter the workforce successfully, not only within Salesforce but in the wider workforce landscape.The benefits for a company in achieving workforce equality are substantial.

Aligning with Industry Trends:

The report highlights the transformative impact of technology on the job market. BWBW by focusing on Salesforce skills and extending its support to other tech companies, aligns with industry trends, positioning women to leverage opportunities in an evolving technological landscape.

Partner with us to close the skills gap, promote equality, and build your workforce

Since March 2020, the Bring Women Back to Work Program has driven change across Switzerland, Germany, and Central-Eastern Europe. Since June, 2023 Bring Women Back to Work is a non profit organization with his HQ in Switzerland.

Our participants, empowered with the skills gained from our program, have achieved remarkable success:

Over 70% returned back to work within the one year program, with 80% finding fulfilling part-time roles.
63% obtained the Salesforce Admin certification, while 20% obtained multiple certifications.
We've established a community of hiring Companies dedicated to diversity and inclusivity, enriching organizations with fresh perspectives by hiring diverse profiles within the pool of talent that the program is offering.

With your support, our goal is to reskill and reintegrate over 8,000 women into the European workforce by 2026. This expansion is not limited by geography; it signifies a commitment to addressing gender equality and promoting global economic empowerment. We will start by focusing on Europe and then extend our efforts to Africa, India, and South America, acknowledging the unique challenges these regions face in accessing opportunities. Essentially, for every 250 CHF you contribute, you are helping us bring one woman back to the workplace. Are you ready to support this meaningful cause?

Sponsorship requirements

  • Contribute 1,500 CHF annually to support the program and his mission

  • Foster awareness for BWBW through your company and personal network

  • Be actively engaged with BWBW through mentorship and other volunteer activities throughout the year..

  • Even if hiring is not immediate, your contribution actively contributes to increasing the percentage of women in the workplace

Hiring Partners requirements

  • Support the program by hiring participants, preferably for part-time roles starting from 60% and above. You will be invoiced for every hiring (1500.- $ after the second hiring within one year, as the first is already covered with the yearly fee).

  • Commit to hiring a minimum of one woman within one year.

  • Allow BWBW new hires to finish our program within their working hours.

  • Support BWBW with mentorship and other volunteer activities throughout the year.