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Helping women on extended career breaks back into business.

Returning to work after a career break can be daunting, with concerns around skills, experience, confidence and working hours. We’re here to help you regain confidence and reskilling your knowledge with our Bring Women Back to Work program supporting you in entering the technology industry perhaps for the first time.

If you have been out of workplace for several years, are open to acquire new skills, and your motivation and interest to re-integrate the workplace are aligned with our equality values, then you might have found the right place!

The program starts every quarter with a max of 18 participants which means we offer 72 training opportunities for women.

The program starts every quarter with a max of 18 participants which means we offer 72 training opportunities for women.
For women resident in Germany please follow here

Where are the 
roles based?

For women resident in Germany please follow here

This program is only eligible for women living in Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Germany.

For applications on the German Program, please access our German website.

Our program
& benefits
Our program covers:

  • A 12-month coaching and learning experience to support re-entry to the workplace and to enable job opportunities. This is an example of how the one year program can look like. Our program is constantly evolving and improving due to the feedback received and learning applied throughout our journey.

  • The only investment you have to make is your time. We predict 90+ hours to be invested within one year.

  • The training for our participants is free and has a yearly value of 5500 USD per person.

  • Once you get Admin Certified you will receive the Certification by our partners K2 University and Trailhead which increases your market value and job opportunities within the Salesforce Ecosystem.

  • During the entire year we will share your CV with our hiring partners and increase your opportunities to be hired.

  • We promise you will have a lot of fun, you will increase your knowledge in several areas, gain confidence to work in a new industry and you will benefit from a huge, new network of partners, customers, participants and our BWBW teame.

View our 12-month

program cycle.

We reserve the right to change the content and phases of the program based on the input and needs of our candidatesand stakeholders.

"Bring Women Back to Work" is an amazing opportunity which just gives you the air beneath your wings so that you can take off and fly.

BWBW Participant, Partners and Sponsors Relationship Manager


What skills are we looking for?

These requisites apply to all eligible countries.Mandatory Requirements
    1. Not currently working (for at least 1 year).

    2. Reasons for being out of work are not only “cannot find work”.

    3. True willingness to re-skill into Salesforce & finalise the BWBW
      12-month program.

    4. Based & capable of working in the country you’re applying for
      (valid working permit).

    5. Relevant Background as per requirements below.

    6. Languages as per requirements below.

    7. Able to work at least at 60%.

    • 3+ years of total working experience.

    • Appetite to find a role in the SFDC Ecosystem.

    • Has already dived into Marketing Fields, CRM Tools, Analytics or similar tools (ideally cloud-based).

    • Specific Industry Focus.

    • High study degree or equivalent experience.

    • Nice to have: Experience in go to market activities, solutioning/architecture, project management and medium to large IT implementation advantageous.

    • Good communication skills in English and in one of the country official languages in case there is more than one.

    • Eager to learn, create and innovate.

    • Experience/interest in technology.

    • Learning agility and aptitude.

    • Enjoys fast paced environment.

What roles are available?

We are looking for 4 different types of roles to be covered:

  • Sales – business and/or IT background, driven by bringing value to clients, identifying needs and expectations to be matched with solutions/products.

  • Consultant – business education and previous experience in change management, looking at bridging the gap between technology and business.

  • Technical – IT background, passionate about architecture/solutioning, development and more.

  • Marketing – Half artist and half scientist, marketers create targeted marketing campaigns to connect with customers and deliver effective, personalised customer journeys.

"If you don‘t change today, all your tomorrow‘s will be same

What happens after I have applied?

Once you have applied, you will get an email from us to complete your application and send us your CV with a motivation letter in English.This will be reviewed by a member of the core team and once selected, you will receive an email with more details regarding the next training window.

What is not covered by the program?

  • Not accredited by RAV or Regional Unemployment Agencies Connections

  • We can’t guarantee a job placement as BWBW focus on reskilling, but we support and open up our network and connection to partners within the program to increase opportunities of employment

Apply for the Program!

Any questions?
Vanessa will be happy
to help you.

It’s great to hear that you have decided to apply for our program.


This Salesforce Bring Women Back to Work initiative aims to support qualified professionals like you, who want to return to work after a career break.

The program is only eligible for women living in Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary with a valid work permit.

We are offering the one-year program on a quarterly basis for a max of 18 women per quarter. 

Please fill out the form including your country of residence and we will get back to you with the next steps.


By registering, you agree to the processing of your personal data by BWBW as described in the Privacy Statement.


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